HONOLULU (KHON2 )– Two-year-old Liam Rivera was a happy child who lit up his family’s faces with his constant smile. Now, the Riveras are grieving after tragedy struck during a summer trip to the mainland.

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The Ewa Beach family was driving on Highway 43 in Fresno Wednesday afternoon. Bryson Rivera says he, his wife, Kristy, and two young children were in the car when an oncoming semi-truck crashed into their SUV.

Liam was killed, and Kristy was seriously hurt and remains in the hospital.

Bryson is still in disbelief that his youngest son is gone.

“The truck swerved into our lane, and so I swerved to the left and by the time I swerved to the left, he went back in his lane and then he hit us,” said Bryson Rivera.

Bryson says the truck slammed into the passenger side of their SUV. Kristy broke her arm in three places and will need surgery.

Liam was also on the passenger side in the back seat.

“Blood was coming from his mouth so immediately, I didn’t even care if I was hurt or not. I just saw that, so I immediately unbuckled my seat belt and jumped in the back,” said Bryson.

His other son, 4-year-old Kaleb, was not hurt. When paramedics arrived, they tried to resuscitate Liam, but it was too late. Rivera still can’t believe that he’s gone.

“He was always smiling, always happy,” Bryson said.

The family was on the mainland to cheer on their oldest son, Jayden, whose baseball team was playing in a regional tournament. He was in another car with the team when it happened.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating the crash. Bryson says he’s still looking for answers as to why the crash happened, but he’ll worry about that later.

“At this time I have two of my other sons to worry about and my wife. I just want to focus my energy and everything that I have on them right now,” he said.

Relatives have set up a Go Fund Me page to help the family.

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