HONOLULU (KHON2) – – The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) offered 15 vacant lots within the Kakaina Subdivision in Waimanalo on Saturday, Aug. 10 at DHHL’s Hale Ponoi in Kapolei.

The offer was available to beneficiaries on the Department’s Waimanalo area waitlist.

Kakaina Homestead is a 45 lot, seven-acre subdivision located half a mile mauka of the Waimānalo Shopping Center. Beneficiaries who received lot offers on Saturday will complete the current homestead.

Lot offer recipient Nadine Pangkee said the chance to receive a lot offer in Waimanalo is a privilege, one that she is already anticipating handing down to future generations.

“This just means a lot to me and my family and I am just honored for this opportunity,” said Pangkee. “We plan to build something simple, but we will probably elaborate and go big – maybe a two-story with a lanai.”

Vacant lot offerings are among many of the Department’s efforts to create flexible options for its beneficiaries. The vacant lot award provides future lessees the opportunity to build a suitable home that meets the needs of their budget and family structure.

“Waimanalo is a place where the Department has a great beneficiary demand in relation to how much land we have in the area,” said DHHL Chair William J. Aila. “The Department is in the process of acquiring an additional 80-acre parcel of land that we will look at in the future for a combination of residential and possibly subsistence agriculture lots.”

The Kakaina lot offering is among 395 planned statewide, that began in 2019. DHHL has over 1,300 lots in its production pipeline, which are expected to be completed over the next five years.