Fallen Makiki tree prompts further inspection of possible dangers

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The city is taking a closer look at trees in Makiki after a large one fell on top of several cars earlier this week.

It happened Tuesday on Emerson Street.

No one was hurt, but residents want to know if other trees nearby could be at risk of falling too.

Ricky Morris still can’t believe what happened to his car.

“There was a branch that was hanging and that fell right on top, also it stretched across that side and hit the cars on that side of the street,” said Morris.

Most trees the city maintains are pruned between one to two years.

KHON2 was told the tree on Emerson Street was just pruned in September and that is why the city is taking a closer look to see what caused it to fall.

“It failed up on the trunk some place and that’s probably not a really good sign, but we are going to look at it and do some testing on that particular tree,” said city urban forest administrator Stan Oka.

“When it was sitting on the roof you could obviously see it was rotten,” said Morris.

Residents KHON2 spoke with are also worried about a few other trees along the street. So what will the city do next?

“We will be looking at the Yellow Poinciana in particular, but we will look at the other trees in the area too,” said Oka.

The city looks after more than 200,000 trees on the island, but with so many trees could they skip over some?

“It’s not likely, I’m not saying it wouldn’t happen, but it’s not likely because we are pretty thorough in checking what the contractors prune,” said Oka.

The city says they still have to take a closer look to see why this tree fell. Once that happens they will take a look to see if any of the other trees in the area could be at risk.

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