HONOLULU (KHON2) — The artist known as “Fafi” is here in Hawaii for a two-day visit.

Here from Paris, France, Fafi, has been creating her unique style of art for 30 years and has a huge worldwide following of fans who call themselves Fafinettes.

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She has been a part of the “Worldwide walls” family for many years and has a passion for empowering women through her work.

“It is really fulfilling as an artist to be able to have a talk with someone and to give them an image of their fantasy or their own personality,” said Fafi.

“My goal as an artist is always to bring up the artworld in Hawaii as much as possible, said Kamea Hadar, artist with Worldwide Walls. “Also, to bring in talent from outside of Hawaii into the islands so that we can transform Hawaii from an island that is completely isolated to an actual hub of culture.”

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You can meet Fafi and have a portrait painted by her on Wednesday, May 24 at the Alohilani Resort Hotel.