HONOLULU (KHON2) — Many are still struggling to get their hands on baby formula despite efforts to bring it from overseas to the United States.

A local mother is taking matters into her own hands to help others find the much-needed formula.

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Having difficulty finding baby formula for two-month-old Leila never crossed Ewa Beach mom Jessica Pauls’ mind when she was pregnant.

Pauls planned on breastfeeding until her doctors warned her not to for medical reasons.

“I was already really upset about that, like just everything and then walking through the store and seeing, ‘Okay, I don’t really have many options.'”

Pauls knew about Facebook groups on the mainland where folks share dates, times and locations of stores where formula became available. She asked her friends if they would like a similar group on Oahu.

“But of course, that was on the mainland and then like shipping is crazy,” Pauls said. “So on this mom group that I’m on, I posted, I was like, ‘Oh, would anybody be interested?”

The Oahu Formula Finder group now has over 100 members and they are all helping each other find baby formula.

“And so I realized that it was pretty helpful, and even I go on it for, obviously, for myself too,” Pauls said.

Local pediatrician Dr. Theresa Wee said it will still be awhile before local shelves are fully restocked.

“The shelves are still empty, I just heard from the Mead Johnson representative,” Dr. Wee said. “I was told that it takes about six to eight weeks before we’ll really get formulas stocked up.”

Oahu Formula Finder is not for reselling formula — Pauls said it is a networking site for families and nothing else.

“Sharing and that kindness and that love, that’s like all we need right now because it’s just a very tough situation to be in right now,” Pauls said.

Dr. We had the same tune and asked folks to not get greedy if they do find their formula.

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“But the most important thing is if you do find your formula, don’t hoard the formula, you know, buy maybe 10 to 14 days worth, but save it for other families as well,” Dr. Wee said.