Experts predict similar hurricane season as last year

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We’re less than a month away from hurricane season, so time to get ready. Remember last year, we had some close calls. So what do experts say about 2019?

Hurricane season starts June 1st. A meteorologist from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center says we will see warmer waters like last year, which fuels hurricanes. Giving us more reason to prepare. 

Storms like Hurricane Lane and Tropical Storm Olivia kept us on the edge of our seats in 2018. Meteorologist Chevy Chevalier tells us this year could be similar. That’s because we’ll be seeing El Nino conditions, or warmer than normal sea surface temperatures.

“Hurricanes, all tropical cyclones, feed off of warmer waters,” said Chevalier. “This El Nino situation is probably similar to what we saw last year may be a little warmer which isn’t great.”

Chevalier says the good news is it looks like it’s a weak El Nino system.

“The Climate Prediction Center is saying that there’s a good chance that’s going to remain through the season through November,” said Chevalier. “Most of the storms ride to the South of us, which is a good thing, but every now and then a cold front might come in from the Northwest and the steering mechanism steers right up in our area.”

That’s why experts urge residents to prepare for a disaster. It starts with having an emergency plan and the right supplies.

In your disaster preparedness kit you should have:
-supplies that will last a minimum of 14 days
-officials recommend having one gallon of water per person, per day
-gather non-perishable foods and don’t forget to pack a can opener
-you’ll need a flashlight, radio, and batteries for them
-and a first-aid kit and other medication. 

This is just a few essential items, but it’s also good to pack some entertainment.

“Fun things to do. People really survive when they have a deck of cards, you know, just throw a deck of cards in your survival kit, said Senior Responder of Hawaii Red Cross Paul Klink. “Always keep a kit in your car, at your work, and at home.”

In light of Hurricane Preparedness Week that kicks off this week, the All-State Foundation will be giving away free starter kits on Monday.

“Anyone can stop by any local All State agency owner to get some info on kits,” said Community Manager of the All-State Foundation Michelle Rico. “In addition to that, we are also making a $25-thousand donation to the Hawaii Red Cross for relief effort when it comes to disasters, especially after last year’s very eventful year.”

You should also check with your insurance company and make sure you know your flood insurance policy if you have one because flooding is one of the biggest problems created by hurricanes.  


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