EXCLUSIVE: Widow of pedestrian killed in Kakaako expresses heartbreak, anger

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Pain, sorrow, and rage for the widow dealing with a senseless death.

William Travis Lau was one of three people killed in the crash on Ala Moana Boulevard. With emotions still raw his wife, Melissa, doesn’t hold back on her anger over the tragedy.

The driver of the truck that plowed into the victims, Alins Sumang, faces charges of manslaughter, which are still pending.

Melissa Lau says her husband had so much more to accomplish. And for his life to get cut short in this way is wrong in so many ways, which explains her anger.

“There aren’t enough words I can say to just express how wonderful, how amazing, how unique, how special he was. It is so hard to talk about him in the past tense. I’m still waiting for him to just call me and say I’m sorry, I was stuck in surgery and I couldn’t call you. I couldn’t text you, I’m sorry,” she said.

Lau would have been celebrating her third year anniversary with her husband Dr. William Travis Lau in March.

He was training for a marathon when he was hit by the truck that killed two others on Monday. 

“He did everything 110%. That’s the kind of person he was. Even if he worked a long day at work, even if he had back to back surgeries all day and he was tired, he still made it a point to make sure he got his training run in,” Melissa said.

The couple had planned to start a family after coming back from California, where he planned to run the marathon. 

They were hoping to surprise her grandmother who just turned 100 years old, and let her know soon that they were gonna have a baby. 

She adds that her husband was involved in projects that are game changers in the medical field, that would improve surgical procedures.

“This was somebody who was gonna contribute big things to the world and I’m just outraged. I am a wreck right now and I’ve not been able to sleep and eat because I’m just full of rage,” she said.

Rage that’s hard for her to contain, knowing that the driver took so much away from her and the other victims.

“Prison time is not gonna be enough for me. It’s not gonna be enough for me. I want this man to feel pain. I honestly do and I don’t care what anybody thinks about that. I want him to suffer,” said Lau. “He deserves to feel pain for all the pain that he caused. That’s my honest, legit, true feeling about this. My husband was so young, he was only 39. He just had so many things that he was excited and I was excited for him. I was so proud of him.”

She adds that she always felt that she had a bigger purpose in life. She had talked to her husband about starting a foundation to help others and she plans to follow through.

“I want to do something right by him. I want to make him proud of me and I want him to see that we’re doing something good for him. I know that would make him so happy,” said Lau.

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