HONOLULU (KHON2) — A business owner in Ewa is still cleaning up the shattered glass after thieves reversed a truck into his store and stole an ATM. The owner said this is not the first time criminals have targeted his store.

The broken pieces of glass are still on the ground, along with a shattered door. The Ewa Pantry liquor store owner Danny said it is a result of thieves smashing into his storefront.

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Danny said, “Get a truck, and ram it to the store knock the ATM machine down, even though it was bolted down into the ground onto the floor but they were able to take it.”

An outline of a square where the ATM used to sit is all that is left. Danny said surveillance video captured four men, they wore face masks and hoodies. He said this was the third time criminals had attempted to rob him in less than three months.

He said each time they came better prepared.

“The first time they tried to yank out the door, they couldn’t so they come back with something stronger to tie the door to their vehicle and then yank both doors out,” Danny said. “So they were successful in doing that but they couldn’t get the ATM.”

On Monday morning, the thieves succeeded in getting what they were after.

Danny said, “It’s very frustrating because it’s continuing, it’s getting worse the situation so you know it takes the fun out of running business.”

Senator Kurt Fevella who represents Ewa said these incidents should put a community on alert.

Just minutes away from Ewa Pantry, three restaurants had their windows smashed. Police have not determined if these crimes are connected.

But these events add to the reasons why Fevella opposes a bill to remove cash bail for non-violent offenses.

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Fevella said, “The bottom line is we got to stop slapping these guys on the wrist and show that there are big consequences with criminal property damage.”

Danny is still adding up his losses but said it is in the thousands of dollars.