Ewa Beach attempted murder suspect denied supervised release, bail reduction

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The family of a young woman injured in an Ewa Beach hit-and-run earlier this year is breathing a sigh of relief.

On Wednesday, a judge denied supervised release of suspect Malik Morton.

Morton is accused of driving through a large crowd several times in May and is charged with several counts of attempted murder.

His attorney filed a motion for supervised release because Morton has a newborn child.

“I understand the charges are quite serious. That’s what we have trials for. That’s not going to be for awhile,” deputy public defender Ed Harada told Circuit Court Judge Glenn Kim. “My client is presumed innocent. I presumably believe he’s innocent of these charges and will do my utmost best to ensure the jury reach the same conclusion at trial.”

Kim denied the motion. “The charge isn’t only quite serious, you can’t get more serious,” he said. “Not only do I have the one count of attempted murder one, I have two counts of attempted murder two, and so I’m going to respectfully deny the motion for supervised release.”

The incident left Alisha Brown, 18, with extremely critical injuries. Morton later turned himself into police custody, and police recovered the vehicle involved in Whitmore Village.

“My daughter is still recovering and we don’t want any other person to go through what we went through, so we’re very happy of the judge’s decision to deny the motion for him to be released,” said Lily Brown, the victim’s mother. “I’ve been with her 24 hours (a day), just helping her with her everyday needs. She had to, like a baby, learn how to walk, how to swallow, how to talk again. She’s been through a lot, but we’re very happy God was with her and with all of us.”

Morton’s attorney also requested his client’s million-dollar bail be reduced to $100,000.

Judge Kim denied that motion.

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