Kama3, part of the Hawaii’s surfing pig ohana, has died, on Saturday afternoon, June 22. 

According to Kama3’s owner, Kai Holt, the pig was killed by unknown suspects.

“We have lost a Hawaiian island icon,” said Holt. “A legendary beast who has touched the hearts and souls of millions of people around the world.”

This surfing pig was the first hoofed animal to win the Duke’s Ocean Fest Tandem Animal Division alongside Kitty the Surfing Cat.  

“With all the good that these surfing pigs have done in the world, it saddens me greatly to see such an evil and senseless act executed by very ignorant, desperate, idiotic individuals in broad daylight,” said Holt.

The Duke’s animal division was inspired by Kama3’s grandfather, Kama 1, the original world-famous Kama the Surfing Pig. 

Kama3 took over Kama1’s career as professional pig surfer after Kama1 grew too big to surf. 

The Kama ohana have been featured in documentaries and videos produced by National Geographic, GoPro, MTV, Netflix, and more. 

They have also appeared in television shows and movies such as Hawaii 5-0, Jurassic Park 2, Kong: Skull Island, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and more. 

Holt’s favorite venture for the pig was when it granted the wish of a little girl named Ellie, who suffered from leukemia and saw the pigs. 

“Her mom and dad flew baby Ellie and her five siblings all the way from Idaho to Hawaii to meet Kama3,” said Holt. “This single event changed Ellie and her families lives for the better, forever. Since meeting Kama3, Ellie and her entire family have become vegan. Ellie has beaten leukemia, and her and her family are selling their family farm in Idaho and moving to Hawaii.”

Kama3 is survived by Kitty the Surfing Cat, her humans Kai and Braiden Holt, her mother Koko, her father Kama2, grandmother Pele, grand aunties Hiiaka, Hina, and her grandfather Kama1.

The original Kama the surfing pig and his many offspring reside on the family farms in Waimanalo and the Big Island.