Ethanol repeal waiting for governor’s approval

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It’s been nearly a decade after a major change at the gas pump was forced on Hawaii drivers.

Lawmakers have agreed to remove a mandate requiring ethanol in gasoline, the only thing left to do is for the governor to sign it into law.

Since 2006, Hawaii has required that gasoline sold in the state include ethanol,but now lawmakers are expecting that to change.

“After many years we decided that it doesn’t really make sense anymore and we might as well take it off the book,” said Rosalyn Baker.

“Tried it for nine years now and it doesn’t work and it’s time to go,” said Frank Young, president of K & Y Auto Service

Young says when ethanol was put into the mix, more people started to come to his business to get work done.

“Our fuel pump sales when ethanol became law went up 300 to 400%,” said Young.

While some states have easier access to ethanol, here in Hawaii it has to be shipped over. We also have no ethanol plants in Hawaii.

“That costs us money because it is imported,” said Sen. Baker.”I think this will actually be a win win for motorists. They’ll get better fuel efficiency out of their automobiles and hopefully we will be saving money.”

The repeal of ethanol still has to be signed by Gov. Ige.

He has until June 29th to sign or veto bills passed this legislative session.

“I’m expecting that he will sign it because it’s good for Hawaii Motorists and I think ultimately going to be good for the state of Hawaii,” said Sen. Baker.

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