HONOLULU (KHON2) — People can’t miss the large arch flanked by red dragon pillars driving through Chinatown. Golden Palace seafood restaurant has been a community staple for more than 2 decades, but it is set to close for good.

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The popular dim sum restaurant is closing with their last day being Monday, Oct. 31. The owner is retiring to enjoy family time but will never forget his customers. “We’ve been in this industry for long enough, where we’ve built a lot of relationships where we can call them friends, we can call them our family. They become our extended family.” Said the owner’s son, Gary Lam.

Shawn Tamashiro, a customer that brings his grandpa, said he doesn’t know if they will find a better place to get lunch together. “My grandparents brought me here and since I was a kid, so
I guess like it’s kind of ingrained in me like this go to dim sum Chinese restaurant. Just visiting Chinatown always spending time with him.” Said Tamashiro.

A Chinatown board member said this doesn’t just impact the dim sum customers but clubs and organizations that hold meetings there. “The residents and the businesses come first. Our businesses are closing one at a time. It’s terrible. Chinatown is no longer Chinatown, and the golden palace leaving is a big message to all of us that Chinatown is no longer Chinatown.” Said board member Ernest Caravalho.

Although the kids will not be taking over the family business right away, they say it could be a possibility. Lam said right now he is just going to focus on keeping his four kids in check.

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“We haven’t completely put off the idea of staying in the food industry,” said Lam.

Golden Palace said to keep up with their Instagram for any other changes in the future.