HONOLULU (KHON2) – The Honolulu Emergency Medical Services is looking for hardworking and dedicated applicants to serve the community.

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It’s a fast paced career. EMS responds to almost 100,000 911 calls every year.

“It is a very challenging job, but it’s a rewarding job,” said Dr. James Ireland, the Director Designate of the Honolulu Emergency Medical Services. “We get to help people. No day is the same.”

Now, EMS is looking to hire 24 new EMTs.

“There is a slight shortage and we do have growth in our departments and we do need to hire more people. People retire, some people leave EMS for other professions and sometimes other medical professions.”

For the first time in 10 years, EMS is offering an EMT academy at Kapiolani Community College.

“There will be testing and an interview process. If they’re hired, they’ll come into our EMT academy in August and it’s similar to a fire academy or a police academy. This is a little different, because instead of going to school and then getting a job, you actually get your job first and get paid while you’re going to school.”

The EMT recruitment window opens Tuesday and closes on Thursday at 11:59 p.m. Hawaii time.

Applicants will need a high school diploma or equivalent, CPR card, and a driver’s license.

“For four months they’ll undergo training led by KCC EMS, then they’ll be turned over to us for the clinical portions as well as the drivers training.”

On top of the pre-qualifications, applicants also need a passion to serve the community.

“Compassion is important, because you have to care for the people you’re taking care of and the ability to handle stress. You can have a dull day, but it can be punctuated by very emotional type calls like life and death situations.”

EMS will look to hire 24 more EMTs for a second academy next year.

For more information on how to apply to be an EMT with the Honolulu EMS, click here.