HONOLULU (KHON2) — Emotional testimony on Tuesday, Jan. 10 in the trial of Stephen Brown, who is accused of killing a North Shore woman and kidnapping her eight-year-old daughter. A Honolulu Police Officer broke down in tears as he described the scene.

HPD Officer Aaron Eveland was one of the first to respond to the North Shore home where Telma Boinville’s body was found. He first broke down when asked about seeing Boinville’s body on the floor.

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He then told jurors that he went to the upstairs bedroom and found Boinville’s daughter, tied to the frame of the bed and her mouth taped shut.

“Tell the jury how she was tied,” Deputy Prosecutor, Scott Bell told him.

“There was rope tied under her legs and her hands,” said Eveland.

He said the girl told him, “They killed my mom. I miss her already.” He said he also had a difficult time bringing the girl out of the house because he did not want her to see her mom’s body.

Brown is accused of murder, kidnapping and burglary along with his then girlfriend, Hailey Dandurand. She is scheduled for a separate trial on the same charges.

Bell called several HPD officers to testify on Tuesday. They told the jury that when Brown was arrested at the Mililani Town Center a few hours later, he was aggressive and repeatedly told the officers to shoot him.

“He told me his name. and he told me to shoot him,” said HPD Cpl, Bryce Kim.

“Did he say this more than one time?” asked Bell.

“Several times,” said Kim.

“He didn’t want to get into the car, just kind of yelling and screaming,” said HPD Sgt. Chance Correa.

“Did he say anything in particular?” asked Bell.

“He continued to say you should’ve shot me. You should’ve killed me,” said Correa.

Defense Attorney William Bagasol had told jurors that Brown admitted to the kidnapping and burglary but that it was Dandurand who killed Boinville.

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Bagasol adds that when officers arrested Brown, he was in a drunken stupor; but he was not confessing to murder. The trial resumes on Thursday, Jan 12.