HONOLULU (KHON2) — You’ve heard of an SUV. But what about an FUV?

It runs on three wheels and is all electric.

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You may soon see it around town.

This is Arcimoto’s FUV. Their chief experience officer said it’s one heck of a ride.

“It is our Fun Utility Vehicle and it is exactly that, super fun ride,” said Arcimoto chief experience officer Lynn Yeager. “Even though it’s a smaller vehicle and three wheels, we still have a hundred mile range. You can go up to 75 miles an hour. They are freeway legal. You can take advantage of electric vehicle parking and motorcycle parking as well.”

KHON2 reporter Bryce Moore had a chance to test drive the FUV.

It is classified as an autocycle or a mix between an automobile and a motorcycle.

“There is two seatbelts,” said Yeager. “So if you have crossover seatbelts, we have options with and without doors. It’s fully enclosed in a roll cage, so you’re completely safe in that respect.”

They sell for around $17,900 and are expected to be here by early next year with rentals coming to Waikiki this August.

Most folks watching the FUV whip around seemed to like it.

KHON2: “Excuse me! Do you think that you would drive one of these for fun?”
Woman: “Probably, eh?”
KHON2 “Pretty fun, huh?”
Woman: “Yeah, it looks fun!”
KHON2: “They whip around.”
Woman: “Does it go fast?”
KHON2: “It does, 75!”
Woman: “Okay, maybe I won’t go 75 on it, but definitely, yeah, looks cool!”

Man: “75, with no doors?”
KHON2: “I know, right? Yeah. But you said you would?”
Man: “I probably would.”
KHON2: “How about you?”
Woman: “No.”
KHON2: “No, how come?”
Woman: “I just don’t want to be seen in that.”

Woman: “Would we drive one?”
KHON2: “Yeah!”
Man: “I guess it’s kind of fun-looking,”
Woman: “It looks like it could be safe.”

The transportation department said autocycles became legal to operate on Hawaii highways last year, and you don’t even need a special license.

“If you gotta sit astride it,” said Ed Sniffen, Hawaii Department of Transportation Deputy Director of Highways. “It’s a motorcycle and you’re going to need a motorcycle license to operate it. But for these auto cycles, you can just use your normal, type three license. But before anybody jumps in and starts going hog wild on it, make sure you jump in, try it out, be safe.”

If you want to buy one, they will be for sale in the first quarter of 2023.

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You can rent them in Waikiki in August.