HONOLULU (KHON2) — The General Election brings plenty of new faces to the state legislature. Many of them have never held a political office before. But they carry plenty of enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

Among the newcomers projected to win a seat in the House is 26-year-old Darius Kila, who will likely represent Leeward Oahu. This was the first time he ran for office.

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“It’s a blessing to have been chosen by my district to represent our community, we are on the cusp of change,” said Kila.

He said he wants to find solutions to the traffic problems that have plagued Leeward Oahu residents. He added that the key is to work with fellow lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

“Being a part of it is truly something. I’m just excited to do and hopefully meet the needs of not just my community and the communities that neighbor my district, but also seeing how we can all work together,” said Kila.

On the Republican side, another newcomer expected to represent Leeward Oahu is Kanani Souza, who said new faces working together can accomplish great things.

“To be able to work together and move our state forward. We’re very stagnated right now, everyone’s frustrated so there’s new blood, new energy will definitely bring some new vitality to our Hawaii state legislature,” said Souza.

She is one of eight Republicans projected to win in the state legislature. She’d like to focus on fighting crime and said Kapolei needs another police station to deal with the growing population. Party officials are optimistic about what the new lawmakers can bring to the table.

“They’re willing to sacrifice and learn how to do this and I think that you’re going to be happy with what you got with these newly elected Republicans,” said Lynn Finnegan, Hawaii Republican Party State Chair.

Democrats have just as many new state lawmakers who will be stepping in. Party leaders are just as excited about their potential.

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“They bring with them a tremendous creative energy and vigor. They are really quite bright and very vigorous about joining with the wise and very experienced leadership that we have,” said Lorna Strand, Oahu Democratic Party Chair.