Ed Case releases statement on articles of impeachment

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Congressman Ed Case issued the following statement following this morning’s announcement of articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump:

“I have supported the formal impeachment inquiry since the whistleblower’s report on the President’s dealings with Ukraine was provided to Congress in September. I have closely followed the inquiry, to include a full review of the Intelligence Committee’s 400-plus page majority and minority reports and personally attending the Judiciary Committee’s hearings. I have received thousands of responses from my constituents to my requests for their input. I believe that the facts revealed by the inquiry to date justify full U.S. House consideration of articles of impeachment for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

“However, I owe it to my country, my constituents and my own constitutional responsibilities to fully inform my decision before I vote on the articles. I’m not there yet because I haven’t reviewed all of the actual articles, the Judiciary Committee’s report and the full House debate. When I have done so, I will discharge my constitutional duty in this truly sad matter per my oath of office and to the best of my ability.”

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