E-Sports Tournament at the Blaisdell Exhibtion Hall

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ESPN Honolulu Sports Festival was more than running, jumping, shooting, and throwing. This year the festival also featured E-Sports. 

There were tournaments for games like Smash as well as instructions on how to become an online gaming money-maker.

Devin Wolery said, “When it comes to E-Sports there’s some connotations that come with that gaming can be a bad thing but with moderation and focusing on not only the physical aspect of nutrition, physical fitness and gaming bringing it into as a whole brings things up to a higher spectrum when it comes to E-Sports at the local playing fields.”

By putting on events like these, gamers hope that e-gaming will become more reputable. 

Festivities were held on Saturday at the Blaisdell Exhibtion Hall for free and ended at 4pm.

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