Dry ice, smoke guns, and chemicals are all items used in one culinary class

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — “If you like science, if you like experimenting, this might be the class for you,” said Lauren Tamamoto.

Tamamoto said she just completed the third year of their modernist cuisine course at the Culinary Innovation Center in the University of Hawaii’s (UH) Culinary Institute of the Pacific on Diamond Head.

“So, they sous vide food. We use smoke guns. We experiment with liquid nitrogen, so we freeze things really quickly,” said Tamamoto. “We have a freeze dryer, so if you’ve seen at the stores, they have astronaut ice cream and candy. We have that, so they are using that in their cooking.”

Tamamoto said in this class students are encouraged to get creative and play with chemicals to create beautiful and tasty meals. 

“One of the key aspects to modernist cuisine is definitely innovating, creating new things and experiment and stuff like that,” said Christopher Fujimoto.

Fujimoto is a former UH Culinary Institute of the Pacific student. He said this modernist cuisine class was just as exciting as it looks. 

“With a noodle, you pipe it into this small tube, and when it comes in contact with heat, it solidifies,” said Fujimoto. “But it is not like a normal flower-based noodle or egg-based noodle. It was completely a chemical thing but 100% edible.”

Fujimoto said this class inspires him to push the limits when it comes to making food. He likes to come up with different and interesting recipes that keeps his cooking on the cutting edge.

“We make these spears, kind of like popping boba,” said Tamamoto, “and so food that is solid on the outside and when you bite into it, it bursts, and there is liquid in it.”

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