HONOLULU (KHON2) — It is not uncommon for drivers in Hawaii to try to drive around a pothole, but sometimes they are impossible to miss.

Car damage from potholes can cost a driver upwards of $1,000 in damage.

Lex Brodie’s Tire, Brake and Service Company store manager Cooper Masani said, they have been dealing with suspension, rim and tire damage linked to potholes.

He does not expect the auto shop to slow down anytime during the week of Monday, March 15, as the calls keep coming in.

“It’s hard when it’s raining you can’t really see the pothole because it’s covered with water,” Masani said. “They’re not happy.”

Andrew Ling said, he brought his car for service. He attempted to take the car to the dealership but he was told they were out of tires.

Ling is too familiar with the rough roads.

Ling said, “Very, very deep potholes, a lot of clunking sounds, big splashes puddles.”

The Hawaii Department of Transportation said three crews are working on filling potholes across Oahu.

The roads include:

  • H-1 between the airport and Waikele
  • Kamehameha Highway from Sunset Beach to Velzyland
  • Nimitz Highway/ Ala Moana Boulevard between Sand Island Access Road and Atkinson Drive
  • Pali Highway between Vineyard Boulevard and Waokanaka Street
  • Likelike Highway between Emmeline Place and Wilson Tunnel
  • Wilikina Drive in Wahiawa

The projects are expected to continue through Friday, April 16.

Ling said, “I’d like to see them get fixed properly so that they don’t reappear when it rains.”

The DOT said people can file a claim against the State for damage to their cars or personal injury through the Department of Counting and General Services.

Masani said, it is best to take it slow on the road to avoid any major incidents during severe weather.

Masani said, “Just drive slow that would be my advise, drive slow and keep an eye out for the potholes.”

Honolulu residents may also submit a request for maintenance on the the city’s pothole hotline.