HONOLULU (KHON2) — A Honolulu grand jury has indicted the man accused of killing two people in a head on crash in Kahuku for manslaughter.

Prosecutors said it’s an unusual move, but there’s enough evidence to show Brennen Canumay was driving recklessly when the crash occurred.

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Twenty-seven-year-old Brennen Canumay was indicted for two counts of manslaughter, assault and abuse of a family or household member.

Prosecutors said he was driving the pickup truck the wrong way on Kamehameha Highway when he collided with a sedan killing Michelle Hartman and her husband Ron Hartman. Their daughter Holly remains hospitalized with critical injuries.

“Mr. Canumay at least three times maneuvered his vehicle in excess of 45 miles per hour into the oncoming traffic lanes and then veered back. On his third or fourth attempt, depending on which witnesses we were talking to, Mr. Canumay then collided head-on with a 2014 Hyundai Elantra,” said Maj. Ben Moszkowicz of HPD’s Traffic Division.

While most cases involving traffic fatalities result in negligent homicide charges, prosecutors decided to go with the more serious charge of manslaughter.

“When you’re weaving in and out of traffic and you’re speeding, that to me is the definition of reckless conduct. So we’ll have to prove that with a jury in the future,” said Honolulu Prosecutor Steve Alm.

Alm said there are several witnesses who can describe what he said is Canumay’s reckless behavior.

“I don’t think the public and jurors are going to have trouble thinking that is reckless conduct. You’re speeding, you’re weaving in and out of traffic, running head-on into somebody,” said Alm.

Records show that Canumay has been cited for more than two dozen traffic violations going back to 2014. Many of them for speeding. Officials said the abuse charge is related to an incident with a woman before he jumped into his truck.

“We’re outraged that he would even choose to drive in this manner in the first place, that the situation would escalate to the point where he felt that driving the way he was driving was appropriate or necessary,” said Moszkowicz.

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The maximum penalty for manslaughter is 20 years in prison. Officials said Canumay has been arrested and will be put in jail when he’s released from the hospital.