Drinking and driving do not mix for Halloween festivities

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While children will be out for trick-or-treating, Halloween night is also when adults come out to play.

There are parties and events scheduled throughout Oahu Saturday night, but police are reminding the public that drunk driving will not be tolerated.

Hallowbaloo organizer Mark Tarone said he’s expecting over 10,000 people to come to the Chinatown/downtown event.

“It’s absolutely going to be our biggest turnout we ever had,” he said. “This is our 8th year and everything we’re tracking is head-and-shoulders above anything we’ve seen in the past.”

And in Waikiki, party organizers are also preparing for a busy night, with over a thousand people in attendance at the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki.

But no matter where you’ll be Halloween night, organizers urge you to party responsibly.

“Please have a designated driver,” Tarone said. “There’s all kinds of taxis and services available.”

The Cab president Howard Higa said hundreds of cabs will be available Halloween night, so this particular scenario won’t come up. “‘I’ll tell you what, I’ll get my keys. I can do it. I only had 6 beers. I’m not drunk.’ However, it might be the worst decision of your life. It might even cost you your life.”

Arkie Koehl with Mothers Against Drunk Driving said, according to the National Traffic Safety Administration, fatal crashes involving a drunk driver occurs three times more often on Halloween than New Year’s Eve. NHTSA statistics show that over the Halloween nights from 2009 to 2013, 43 percent of all motor vehicle deaths involved drunk driving, and in 2013, 26 percent of all pedestrian fatalities on Halloween night involved a drunk driver.

Uber Hawaii is teaming up with MADD and will offer free rides for first-time users. “It’s easy, it’s affordable, and a tap of a button can eventually save a life,” said general manager Brian Hughes.

“Since it’s Halloween, if anybody out there is thinking of driving drunk tonight, just remember the person who pulls you over won’t just be someone dressed as a cop,” Koehl said.

And DUI checkpoints don’t end tonight. Starting tomorrow, police will be setting up unannounced checkpoints leading up to New Year’s Eve.

According to HPD, there were a total of 15 DUI arrests made on Halloween.

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