Dragon mural helps beautify Chinatown

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Student volunteers used their Saturday to paint four murals that represent Chinatown’s history in hopes of beautifying the area.

A Better Chinatown Association said they supported the project but it was the student members of the Center For Tomorrow Leaders who came together to paint a dragon moving through time.

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The President of A Better Chinatown Association Eddie Flores believed that “the murals will attract people to come to Chinatown. It makes Chinatown a nicer place — it beautifies Chinatown”

The mural is located on the Wo Fat building and the art depicted a Chinese dragon spanning across four panels. Each panel had a different theme and students did the project under the artistic guidance of local artist Solomon Enos.

Flores explained that the first panel depicted characters of water to represent Chinese arrival in Hawaii. On the second panel, it had characters with the meaning of flower and the third had the character for fire. Those characters refer to a time in history when Chinatown was blooming and growing but was then later impacted by two major fires in the 1900s.

“And the fourth one is the dragon rising. So Chinatown will rise again, became a great center,” said Flores.