Down to Earth introduces edible utensils ahead of plastic ban

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They’re crunchy, tasty and healthy and you can find them at Down to Earth stores. No, not the groceries, the edible spoons!

“We have an amazing local plant-based disrupter called Vegco and they introduced the edible spoons to us last year in November as a part of our sustainable swaps challenge,” said Sisi Kong Outreach Team Leader at Down to Earth.

The spoons are manufactured in India and are available in all down to earth locations for 35 cents. They’re made of wheat, oats, barely, soy, corn and chickpeas.

So what do they taste like?

“The spoons are very similar to a hard biscuit so when you bite into them there’s a significant crunch,” said Kong.

The edible spoons come in two flavors, simply salted and chocolate.

“If you use it in a soup it will actually start to fall apart after about 25 minutes in a hot hot soup and about 45 minutes in a cold ice cream,” Kong said.

Introducing the edible spoons is just one way down to earth is getting ahead of plastic ban which goes into effect in July of 2021. They’ve already phased out plastic straws for paper straws and offer bio-degradable food containers.

“We absolutely want our costumers to join us in our sustainabilty efforts and to think more sustainbily to act more responsibly and we’re providing all of these sustaibale avenues so our costumers can join us in that,” said Kong.

The edible spoon company is looking to distribute sporks and more flavors soon.

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