HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Hawai’i Department of Health has announced that they are releasing lab results on soil data from the Nov. 29, 2022 leak of 1,100 gallons of aqueous film forming foam [AFFF].

According to the DOH, the first soil samples that were collected while the U.S. Department of the Navy performed a soil excavation.

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The DOH said that as expected, they did find some per- and polyfluoralkyl substances [PFAS] levels that exceed the DOH’s Environmental Action Levels [EALs] for soil.

There are additional samples that were collected for analysis, and that information will be available on the DOH site.

The DOH continues to collect their own samples while also observing the Navy’s collection of samples from 11 groundwater locations near Adit 6. This includes the Red Hill Shaft.

The Navy published its first two weeks of validated groundwater PFAS test results today. Their tests show that there are no exceedances of DOH’s EALs for groundwater. The DOH’s verification testing are still pending.

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The DOH said that they have “directed the Navy to conduct PFAS sampling as described in the DOH’s Dec. 2, 2022 Notice of Interest responding to the November 2022 AFFF release. The NOI requires the Navy to characterize the nature and extent of the spill in the soil and groundwater.”