HONOLULU (KHON2) — Doner Shack, a local restaurant in Honolulu, received its second red “closed ” placard and a cease-and-desist order from the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) Food Safety Branch.

According to officials, the DOH Food Safety Branch issued the placard and order to the restaurant for not renewing its state permit or paying a $3,000 fine. Doner Shack’s food establishment permit expired on Friday, Sept. 10.

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Officials reported the restaurant received the fine in June from a contested hearing case against Donald Moriarity, Doner Shack’s owner. The restaurant is located at 79 South Pauahi St. in Honolulu.

Doner Shack received its initial red placard on Jan. 25 after they received complaints regarding employees not wearing masks and a health inspector observed several repeat violations. Officials said the owner allegedly took down the red placard and refused to close the establishment.

According to the Department of Health, a health inspector revisited Doner Shack on Sept. 16 and issued a green placard.