Dog’s trip to Hawaii results in flight to Dallas and Mississippi

Local News

It was a whirl-wind trip for one pup from Dallas, Texas after she ended up on the wrong flight – and ended up here in Hawaii.

Bethany the corgi was supposed to fly with her owner to Mississippi.

Instead, she wound up on a plane to Hawaii.

American Airlines says the dog is being cared for by a veterinarian here.

Her owner says he is thankful the airline worked tirelessly to find the dog.

Some local pet owners say they find this situation worrisome.

“Just be so worried about what would happen, what could happen. I know people would be trying to do what they could, but the poor little dog would be so scared,” pet owner Julie Kubasek said.

It’s still not known how Bethany ended up in Hawaii. American Airlines says the mix-up is under investigation.

Bethany is currently on an flight to Dallas.

She’ll then be flown to Mississippi to be reunited with her owner.

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