HONOLULU (KHON2) — The pitbull mix named Nakoa was fighting for his life after he was found shot in Waianae.

Witnesses reported Nakoa laying on Mailiili Road.

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An Aloha Animal Outreach volunteer rescued Nakoa on Tuesday and rushed him to a clinic in Kapolei.

Cassie Moniz from Aloha Animal Outreach said, “It was deliberate. It was not a BB gun. It was not a pellet gun. It was a large caliber bullet.”

Nakoa received extensive care and treatment. Doctors thought that amputating Nakoas leg would be an option, but after looking over the scans, doctors said there would be no possibility of recovery after the procedure.

Kuulei from PAWS of Hawaii said, “I’m really sad to say that when they did the CT scan, after extensively looking over it, they did 3D modeling of the damage that happened to Nakoa, but they said that there’s there’s no possibility of him recovering from this.”

They raised nearly $10,000 for Nakoas medical bills.

After extensive care and treatment, doctors determined that the injuries Nakoa sustained were too severe and he was put down.

Aloha Animal Outreach said that a report was filed with the Honolulu Police Department and Hawaiian Humane Society.

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Paws of Hawaii is thanking those who offered and gave their support to Nakoa.