HONOLULU (KHON2) — Before mascots, baseball fans had clowns like Max Patkin to make them laugh. The “Max Patkin Documentary” details the life of late Patkin who entertained crowds at mostly minor league games for over 50 years.

Patkin’s career as the famous Clown Prince of Baseball began after he faced Joe DiMaggio while pitching for a U.S. Navy team in Honolulu.

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After DiMaggio had hit a homerun, Patkin did something no one would expect and followed the batter around the infield all the way to home base.

“Both teams had come to the plate, not to congratulate Joe DiMaggio for getting a home run, but to congratulate Max Patkin for bringing the house down.”


The crowd loved the act and it kick-started Patkin’s new career as the Clown Prince of Baseball.

Patkin performed in a baggy baseball uniform with a question mark on the back and he would engage in comic repartee that stole the show. Ballpark attendance even surged when they knew Patkin would be there.

Between 1944 and 1993, Patkin made appearances around the country at 5,000 consecutive games.

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DeHart said the documentary of Patkin is scheduled to be released late June or early July on Sun Stream. It could also possible end up on HBO, Netflix or a theatrical release.