HONOLULU (KHON2) — A new study shows it’s not “uncommon” to share your Netflix password with people outside your household. In fact it’s more common than you think. 

A new study conducted by time2play, an online gambling site, asking people if they share their Netflix or other streaming service password. 

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Netflix announced they were aware about the growing number of people sharing passwords, and said they would begin charging users in some markets an additional monthly fee for sharing their account with those living outside of the subscriber’s household. 

This new policy has not been instituted in the U.S. however, it has tested small markets on this new procedure. In the study they refer to people who are logged into someone else’s account as a “streaming swindler.” 

They found just a little less than half (44.4%) of people admitted to watching Netflix through the account of someone living outside of their household and of that group a whopping 79% said they wouldn’t get their own account if Netflix were to crack down on sharing subscriptions. Their broke down the percentages by states and Hawaii had 44% of people admitting to using someone else’s subscription. 

Within the past few years Netflix and other streaming services have raised their monthly prices making it hard for families to keep up. Especially with the rise in rent, foot, and gas cutting back on subscriptions might be the first things family do. 

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To read the full study and see where other states places head to time2play’s website