HONOLULU (KHON2) — About 30-40% of the national food supply goes to waste each year according to a study by LawnStarter.

They ranked 2022’s states that waste the most food, bringing awareness to this problem, and offering solutions to cut back on food waste. 

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They compared the 50 states based on how much food they waste, how much they repurpose, and what measures they have in place to reduce food loss. 

At the top of the list is Arizona, followed by North Dakota then coming in third is Hawaii. 

On average Hawaii residents pay more for their food because it’s imported from the mainland. 

They report some residents notice paying $200 more a month on groceries here in Hawaii than those buying groceries on the mainland. 

According to LawnStarter Hawaii does not have bans on industrial food waste disposal and no statewide food sharing program.

Tourism also plays an impact on the ranking of states–they estimate 40% of Hawaii’s seafood and half of its fresh fruit end up in the trash every year. 

Wasting food can also be costly and bad for the environment. 

In the study they report 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide are produced every year from food waste in landfills.

They state the average American spends around $3.62 per day on food that never gets eaten, totaling to $100 per month and around $1,300 per year!

Tips they offer to help reduce food waste in a household is to plan before going grocery shopping, buy frozen or canned food that can be stored, eat leftovers and if you can–compost food waste. 

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To read the full report and get more tips on how to reduce waste management click here