HONOLULU (KHON2) — A dive instructor saw a baby shark in trouble on the Big Island earlier this month.

David Prutow was on the Kohala Coast on the Big Island with his dive buddies Jacee Butler, Kate Butler and Rachel Gillis.

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During the dive, they saw the little shark was hooked and ensnared by a fishing line.

Prutow said the shark could not move at all.

He tried to get the hook out at first but could not so he cut the line to free the baby shark.

Local shark scientist and expert Kim Holland said if you do come across something like this to be very careful.

“It’s obvious you want to help but you need to be very aware of safety issues,” said Holland. “Even a very small shark has very sharp teeth and can do significant damage even if it’s not on purpose.”

He said even with the embedded hook, the shark should be able to live in normal life.

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“Most of the time we see sharks with hooks in their mouth, and they’re healthy,” Kim explained. “But I think the advice to the fisherman would be if you can, do not use stainless steel hooks.”

Kim said non-stainless steel hooks well corrode away, sooner or later, and give the shark a better chance of living a normal life.