Discovery of ‘suspicious package’ triggers Aloha Air Cargo evacuation

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A suspicious-looking package found by a Transportation Security Administration K9 Tuesday morning caused the evacuation of Aloha Air Cargo employees.

The incident was reported around 9:30 a.m. during a routine check at Aloha Air Cargo.

“The dog was the one that discovered the package. We get inspected regularly because of cargo dogs come by and they sniff for explosives or contraband,” said Rick Sakamoto, Aloha Air Cargo general manager.

After the K9 unit recognized that the package could be a possible threat, standard TSA procedures were put into place.

Aloha Air Cargo evacuated all of their employees and sent them home until the all-clear was given.

A bomb squad unit from Hickam Air Force Base was brought in to survey the package. After a little over an hour, it was determined the package was not a threat and employees were called to be let back in the building.

No commercial flights were affected.

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