HONOLULU (KHON2) — Question, do you know how long dinosaurs lived? The same as short ones.

From long to short, they all became extinct when the planet was hit by an asteroid, and that is the exact story being told at Bishop Museum’s new exhibit called ‘Expedition Dinosaurs: Rise of the Mammals.’

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KHON2 got the chance to go inside, find out more about this new exhibit that looks so cool already and talk to one of the exhibit designers at Bishop Museum, Michael Wilson.

KHON2 asked: What are we looking at? What time period does this exhibit take place in, and what can people expect when they come through this?

“This is the day before the comet struck, basically,” Wilson explained. “So, these are all the creatures that were on the planet, the big dinosaurs on the planet 66 million years ago — just before the extinction event that erased them.”

This exhibit is called ‘Expedition Dinosaur: Rise of the Mammals’ and it’s about how after the comet took all the dinosaurs out, the ones who survived were the mammals. You and I are mammals, rats and dolphins are mammals, and cats and dogs. Those creatures, starting with giant rats, were who ended up populating and taking over the earth. And so this exhibit shows you the last moment before the comet changed everything.”

Michael Wilson, exhibit designer at bishop museum

There are a lot of cool things, not just from these dinosaurs out here — which there may be about 10 — but there are also many more interactive exhibits and experiences.

KHON2 also asked Wilson how they plan on drawing people to this new dinosaur exhibit. He said there are several things:

“One — these dinosaurs are robotic using modern-day research and science to get the colors and the feel and the textures. You’ll notice some of them have feathers. And we are trying to bring them to life. And the interactions allow you to interact,” Wilson explained. “For example, you can create your own skin texture for a dinosaur and put it into a machine and it’ll populate it into a dinosaur world. There’s things you can scan fossils or dig for your own fossils. And these interactive developments, sort of, put you into the world of an expedition, as if you were exploring and researching dinosaurs.”

Additionally, this room with the dinosaurs also had a surfing exhibit and an exhibit by POW! WOW!

KHON2 asked: Why bring the dinosaurs to Bishop Museum?

“So, the two things that we do at the museum is we take Hawaii and Polynesia and take it to the world,” said Wilson. “And we take the world and bring it to Hawaii. And this is an example of that. We are bringing the outside world, the knowledge and power and energy of dinosaurs and bringing it to the people of Hawaii so they can experience it.”

This is called the ‘Expedition Dinosaur: Rise of the Mammals’ exhibit. It kicks off this Saturday, Oct. 2, and will last through Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022.

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It is highly recommended people purchase their tickets online. For all the information, click here.