Digging deeper into the recent violent crime wave in Hawaii

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — KHON2 brought top law enforcement and criminal justice officials together to dig deeper into how to turn the tide on the recent violent crime wave.

Gina Mangieri moderated the panel which covered everything from the roots of the recent crime spike to how police, prosecutors and the courts can crackdown on repeat offenders.

“Violent crime,” Gina brought up. “What is different about this year’s spikes in violent crimes and what is your agency seeing and dealing with that is presented new or amplified challenges? What is your agency seeing and dealing with that has presented new or amplified challenges?”

“I don’t think it’s new, it’s something we’ve seen before,” said Honolulu Police Department Deputy Chief John McCarthy. “We’ve enjoyed some really low years as far as crime statistics go. But the spike and the brazenness, the way that it’s being perpetrated is something that catches us off guard, broad daylight, even the odd times we’re having a lot of early morning robberies. Where we never saw that before. But these things are different, there’s a variety of reasons. These types of things are very dynamic. There’s no one root cause to it all. Some of it is cultural, some of it is what are the odds of me getting caught, slim to none. If I do get caught what’s the penalty, I’ll get probation. I’ll plead whatever. There’s no punishment. There’s no incentive for me to not do something like this.”

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