HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii is known for many things: beautiful beaches, tropical climate and the birthplace of many celebrities. 

Some famous celebrities that we all know were born in Hawaii are Bruno Mars, Jason Momoa and Barack Obama. 

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Only in Your State, a website that provides fun facts for all 50 states, has their list of popular celebrities that were born in the Aloha State.

Someone who grew up in Hawaii but was not born in the Aloha State is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He was born in Hayward, California. Shortly after his birth, his family moved to Hawaii.

Celebrities born in Hawaii:

  1. Bruno Mars
  2. Lauren Graham
  3. Steve Case
  4. Michelle Wie
  5. Bette Midler
  6. Barack Obama
  7. Nicole Kidman
  8. Jason Momoa
  9. Kelly Preston
  10. Don Ho

All of these celebrities except for Don Ho were born in Honolulu. Don Ho was born in Kaka’ako, Hawaii. 

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To read the full list of celebrities born in Hawaii, visit the Only in Your State’s website