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The Prosecutors Office unveiled a new tool aimed at cracking down on habitual drunk drivers.

These alcohol monitors can detect alcohol through sweat.

The technology has been used to monitor 660,000 offenders throughout the U.S. 

“Nothing will deter them from getting behind the wheel but it will deter them from alcohol consumption,” said Moses Leasiolagi of Scram Systems. “We found that it’s been a great deterrent in that 99.3 percent of people that is wearing the device right now are completely sober.”  

In 2017, state lawmakers passed a house bill approving the use of around-the-clock alcohol monitoring devices.

This week judges, court personnel, probation officers and prosecutors are receiving training on the technology.

Defendants with multiple drunk-driving arrests can be ordered to wear the devices as a condition of release on bail while awaiting trial. Consuming alcohol or removing the anklet may result in bail forfeiture. Repeat offenders also can be sentenced to monitored sobriety.

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