Department of Health inspects sewage spill along Pua Lane

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Inspectors with the state health department went to Pua Lane today to find out what’s causing the sewage spill that’s been going on for months. 

They say the problem is not just a public health concern but could also be polluting the ocean.

Frustrated residents reached out to KHON2 because no one was willing to help. This section of Pua Lane is a private road. With the state now getting involved, residents are hopeful that the spill will finally stop.

Inspectors with the health department’s Clean Water Branch Enforcement Section spent the day talking to residents and property managers at Pua Lane. Smelly, murky water continues to flow all the way down to a storm drain.

“The Department of Health received complaints of sewage flowing down Pua Lane into a storm drain, so we’re out here investigating that for any possible water pollution violations or public health concerns,” said Steven Chase from the DOH Clean Water Branch.

Chase says the main challenge is trying to figure out which sewer line is actually causing the spill. And since it’s a private road, they also need to find out who owns that sewer line.

There are some new homes that were built at the end of the block which is where the spill seems to be coming from so inspectors are looking at the possibility that that could be the source of the problem.

DOH says the inspectors dye tested several sewer lines in the area and were able to rule out some of them. But they have not yet determined which line is causing the spill. So more tests will have to be done. 

That’s not the news residents had anticipated, given that they had been suffering through the smell for more than two months. But there’s optimism that it will get fixed soon.

“I hope they can fix it. At least they’re looking so let me see how long the problem will be solved,” said Pua Lane resident Marvin Tuppil.

After inspectors determine who owns the sewer line that’s leaking, the health department can impose fines if the owner won’t fix the problem.

“The director of health has broad authority over sewer systems and public health so that would a decision that would come out of his office,” said Chase.

The health department says it is reaching out to more property owners upstream to conduct further dye tests. We will keep you updated on what they find out.

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