Demonstrators staying overnight to protest wind farm project

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Dozens of demonstrators against a new wind farm project in Kahuku set up in front of the gates.

The turbines would be the tallest in the state, standing at 568 feet tall, which is about three times taller than Aloha Tower.

AES, the company behind the project said, he turbines would be able to power 16,000 homes.

However, residents say they have serious concerns.

“With these turbines coming in, it would be 20 industrial turbines coming into our small community of 2,300 people,” said Jessica Dos santos, a Kahuku Resident.

“The infrasound is a concern, the noise pollution is a concern. We do have many concerns,” said Ida Bluhm, with the Ku Kiai Kahuku.

AES said in a statement that the project “will not contribute anything of significance to the infrasound in the area.” They also say they believe this site has the best location to use the wind for energy.

So far no equipment has made it to the site yet, and demonstrators say they hope it stays that way.

“We are prepared to stand in Kapu Aloha and stand for protecting our Kiai and stand for protecting the opeapea,” said Dos Santos.

Although the closures to move equipment for the project are only scheduled for Sunday through Thursday between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., the people camping outside the gates say they will be staying throughout the weekend, even on Fridays and Saturdays to protest the project, until the project transportation period ends on November 26.

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