Dear pet owners, don’t feed your furry family members Thanksgiving food

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — As you get ready to feast on your Thanksgiving dinner, you may want to think twice before you give your dog part of your meal.

Veterinarians say that you can show thanks to your pet this year by not letting it eat any of your holiday food.

Animal experts say there are potential health hazards certain foods can pose to your furry friend.

“Really the big ones are the turkey bones and such,” said Steve Holowinski of the Johnson City Veterinary Hospital. “A lot of the sweets and things like that — we have to be careful. If they’re not keeping anything down, then they should be seen.”

And just because you didn’t feed your pet from your plate, doesn’t mean it hasn’t managed to steal some scraps.

Vets want you to make sure that your animals don’t get into the garbage or sneak food from the table when you aren’t looking.

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