The lines were so long, people willing to wait for hours when Daiso opened its first store in Hawaii in December. And it’s still packed. Now there’s going to be a second Daiso.

The store at the Pearl City Shopping Center is still a big hit. One expert tells us Daiso has found its market here in Hawaii. 

It’s often called the “Japanese dollar store” and sells all sorts of stuff from household items to cosmetics and even snacks. The first Daiso in Hawaii opened it’s doors to long lines. Many didn’t mind the wait.

“I’m ready to go so we’re almost there. I hope. 2 more hours maybe,” said shopper Sonia Sarabano back in December. 

On Daiso Hawaii’s Instagram page, there’s a post about the company hiring for it’s Honolulu location. Some of the comments show that people are excited. So where will it be?

A Daiso spokesperson tells us the new Honolulu location will be on 1024 Piikoi Street. That’s the building at the corner of Piikoi and Young Streets, with 19 parking stalls available. 

Tina Yamaki, President of Retail Merchants of Hawaii, tells us this brings competition to the market. 

“It’s a Japan brand a lot of people from Hawaii go to Japan so we kind of know the store already. So it’s not a brand new store that people don’t know the name or the product or the quality that they’re providing,” said Yamaki. 

She says some discount stores do well in the state.

“Whether you are high-end dollar store medium it just depends what you are selling and what your business model is,” said Yamaki. “I think that they found their market here in Hawaii you know everybody is always looking for a great deal.”

When we were at the location on Piikoi Street, we saw those preparations were underway. We’ll keep you posted when the grand opening will be.