HONOLULU (KHON2) — Moanalua 99, the former 99 Ranch Market, will close its doors for good on Friday, but some restaurants at the food court already served their last dishes, as they prepare to move decades worth of items and memories from the property.

For business owners and customers, it is not easy saying goodbye to the place where they shared laughs and meals for more than two decades.

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Patti Ching remembers sharing meals with her mother at Moanalua 99, she said she will miss the local shops and everyday regulars.

“We feel awful and we sympathize with all of the business here because as it is on a daily basis they’re already struggling,” said Ching.

Bee’s Dessert House owner Dannie Chan said he was among the first shops to open at the food court. They will pack up 24 years worth of interactions with their regular customers.

“A lot of memories, a lot of happiness and sadness, I miss all my customers hopefully they follow me,” said Chan.

Bee’s Dessert House will be moving to its second location inside the Navy Exchange.

But some businesses are not as lucky, hand-written notes taped on some shops tell customers they are still looking for new locations.

Galen Teruya is the owner of the Clear Hearing Center. He said he may try to find an office space, but in the meantime, he will make home visits.

“Some of them found places, some of them couldn’t find places and they said they are just going to retire, and that’s the sad part,” Teruya said. “Because I do visit people in their homes, I am going to increase on that, and a lot of my patients said that they would love that because then they don’t have to drive.”

It is the final hours of clean-up, packing and moving for the last standing businesses.

After Friday, doors will be locked and only certain businesses that requested more time to move will have until Aug. 1 to finish.

The 99 Local Mix Plate Manager Stacy Lau said they found a new location at Kingsgate Plaza, but the search was anything but simple.

“We took almost a week to move out the small stuff first and then now, tomorrow is the big day, tomorrow is the big items like the grill and everything,” Lau said. “We did a lot of work, driving around looking for a new place, and finally I have a customer who said that they can help with a new location and that’s it we found a place.”

Loyal customers like Ching did not want to miss one final bite, but she hopes to visit them at a new location.

Ching said, “I ordered two dishes because I know they are closing today.”

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The commercial space will eventually be turned into a Home Depot.