HONOLULU (KHON2) — Ted’s Bakery said whatever is out on display at grocery stores is what’s left for its wholesale. Some stores might have up to two weeks left in stock.

It’s safe to say customers will miss seeing Ted’s Bakery goods in stores.

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“I was kind of sad because I really like the chocolate haupia,” said Marc Manalac, a Honolulu resident.

“It’s his favorite for every graduation and every celebration,” said Bree Chang, another Honolulu resident.

The company notified customers two weeks ago that Friday will be its last day for wholesale operations due to supply chain issues. However, customers can still get the famous pies and cakes, but they’ll have to drive to the Sunset Beach Park location.

“It’s a bummer because we don’t go up north that much,” said Manalac.

Ted’s Bakery said it’s been having challenges since last summer with getting one of its key ingredients. It’s been testing multiple alternative recipes without any success. It’s not the only bakery dealing with similar challenges.

“It’s shipping, it’s ingredients not being made available on the mainland hence not being able to make it here,” said Kevin Yim, Vice President of Zippy’s. “It’s labor quite honestly as well because we are short staffed by about 10% in our bakery which really brings us to the razor’s edge in terms of production and being able to supply all of those at these locations.”

Zippy’s said its bakery is being forced to remain flexible when it comes to ingredients.

“What we have been able to do though is move to different vendors and look around and see what do they have available to us,” Yim said. “We’ve just had to get super resourceful during this time.”

Ted’s Bakery is unsure if it’ll ever go back to wholesale. However, customers are looking forward to supporting the business with whatever they decide to do.

“I’m really rooting for Ted’s Bakery because he’s such a good guy and I’ve heard he does a ton of community service and donates so many of his pies. So I’m really hoping that this is a good move for their company,” Chang said.

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“I think they’ll be okay and we’ll go out and support them whenever we can. Sunset Beach, we’ll be there,” Manalac said.