Curvy Surfer Girl: A movement about body positivity in the surfing world

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — One Oahu woman is making it known surfing is for everyone.

Elizabeth Sneed, the creator of her brand Curvy Surfer Girl, said it’s a movement to promote body positivity in the surfing world.

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“I designed Curvy Surfer Girl as a movement so women all around the world can get involved and helping involve women’s surfing to include more diversity,” Sneed said. 

Sneed said as a teenager she nearly drowned in the ocean, but through surfing she was able to overcome her fears and fall in love with the ocean once again.

“Surfing was the tool that helped me recover that relationship with the ocean,” said Sneed. “It gave me confidence to be in the water and through that confidence I was just inspired to continue to grow.”

Now she’s using her platform to encourage women of all sizes to pick up a surfboard and take a lesson.
Lexi Jorgensen is someone Sneed inspired to give surfing another try.

“Expanding the representation in the surfing industry is incredible,” said Jorgensen. “Growing up, we have only seen models and surfers only a certain size, so if we don’t match that it’s like can we surf and is it okay for us to be out there.”

Sneed says she is also working on expanding wetsuit sizes to accommodate plus size figures. That way people around the world can feel comfortable while they’re in the water.

“Right now, we don’t have anything beyond a size 14 internationally manufactured for women’s wetsuits,” said Sneed, “which means less women can be in the water surfing, doing what they love in cold climates, so that’s really important to me.”

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