HONOLULU (KHON2) – What started off as a dream between two cousins back in 2017 led them to opening their first bakery in Utah none the less. 

Five years later, they have expanded to over 400 bakeries across 40 different states. 

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And now Hawaii is one of them. We are talking about Crumbl Cookies.

We’re here with Kalin Uluave who is the owner and operator of Crumbl Cookie here in Kapolei

Tell me, how does it make you feel to own and operate the first Crumbl Cookies in Hawaii?

“It’s very exciting,” said Uluave.

“We’ve been working on this for quite a few years now, but just bringing the world’s best box of cookies home to Hawaii just makes us so happy and it makes us even more happy to be able to share it those amongst who we live.”

KHON2 asked what makes Crumbl Cookies so unique?

“Crumbl is so unique. It’s a tech-driven company unlike a lot of bakeries,” said Uluave.

“So, we use a lot of tech to make sure the kitchen runs efficiently.  All the cookies are served warm or chilled, but they are no longer than two hours old which is excellent.  We have a rotating menu, so every week we have six flavors.  Milk Chocolate stays on the menu permanently, but we have five rotating flavors.  So, it’s bound every week that something will — you’ll enjoy something on the menu and then you can wait for next week for a new set.”

How long will it take for one of those cookies to return back onto the menu after a rotation?

“Great question,” said Uluave.

“Obviously, each cookie is based off popularity and sometimes you’ll see the cookie once a year, twice a year, and hopefully three times a year if it is a super popular one.  But probably not more than three times.”

I got to say, talking about popular, your guys’ line on this grand opening today is around the corner and down the lane. 

But then you had the soft opening yesterday. 

How has the reception been so far?

“It’s been excellent.  We’ve been so grateful for those who came out and shown support,” said Uluave.

“They’ve seen the sign, we’ve gotten messages of inquires of when we’re opening and we’re finally opened. We are just so excited that people still came out, they still showed out, they’re supporting us, they’re being patient in the long line, they’re saying thanks, they’re posting pictures, spreading the word and we’re just so grateful for all the support we get.”

Speaking of support, just looking inside, you guys have a lot of workers. 

How are you contributing to the employment in our community with your business?

“That’s been one of my favorite parts, bringing together a big team,” said Uluave.

“So, on staff right now we have 75 people.  We’re probably going to up it to closer to 100.  And we are bringing them from all different parts of this side of the island, and it’s so nice to meet them — grow with them.  And for them to become friends and it’s becoming a little community in the kitchen.”

You were sharing a little earlier that you’re finding new employees that are actually standing in the line.

“Yah, so that’s been fun,” said Uluave.

“We didn’t anticipate being so busy, which is not a problem. We are so grateful. However, we were a little shorthanded and there was a lady waiting in line and she asked if we were hiring. And I asked her if she would start right now.  She said yes.  We took her into the back to get a uniform, and she has been going on hour nine with her and she is crushing it.  So, it’s been awesome.”

So again, once you place your order in, it takes two minutes for them to bake it. 

Then they package your cookies in this famous pink box. 

They have a promo. 

If you take a picture of the pink box and you post it on your social media with the hashtag #crumblkapolei, you’re automatically entering yourself into winning one years’ worth of cookies. 

It’s called Crumbl Cookies here in Kapolei Commons, opened every single day with the exception of Sundays.

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