Crimestoppers reveals tips to prevent crimes of opportunity

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Just this week, Crimestoppers has posted multiple thefts that have occurred when people’s attentions weren’t on their property.

The most recent brazen crime posted happened last week Friday. In a video posted by Crimestoppers, you can see a woman move in front of her cart to get ready to pay. It only takes a second before a thief reaches out and takes her purse in the back of her cart.

Chris Kim with Crimestoppers says a second is all it takes. 

“Turning your back away for a split second, you know the suspect came and took the purse…,” said Kim. “Keep your property close to you and pay attention to your surroundings.”

He says purses aren’t the only targets. At hotels, luggage can be targeted too. Crimestoppers also posted an incident of luggage theft.

“It happened at a Waikiki hotel where the owner had basically turned around for a split second and this person was able to walk away with the property,” said Kim.

“So whether it’s at a hotel or a public shopping mall or at a park, you know, you always have to be aware of your surroundings, and always be aware of where your valuables are,” said Kim.

This also means removing all valuable items from your car. In an incident last month, thieves broke into a vehicle parked on Waialae Avenue and got away with items left in the car.

“They can see the bag and think there’s something valuable in there when there’s really not. As soon was you leave your house. Do a once over in your car, make sure there’s nothing visible,” said Kim.

He says the best way to prevent a crime is to take away the opportunity for a crime to happen.

“Unfortunately these types of things happen but we as individuals need to also take some responsibility, you know, by being responsible for our property, being aware of our surroundings and not just leaving your bags on the ground and turn around and thinking that its still going to be there,” said Kim.

These cases are still under investigation. If you have any information on these and any other cases, you can call Crimestoppers at 955-8300.

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