HONOLULU (KHON2) — The new year kicks off in just a few days, and the year 2023 will ring in some new laws. Here is a look at some of the changes.

There are new laws dealing with everything from fireworks to campaign spending and DUIs to drivers licenses set to take effect Jan. 1.

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Sen. Karl Rhoads said the legislature is trying to address all of the different problems we face as a state: “And, if you go down the list, you’ll see that we’ve taken a crack at a whole bunch of them.”

Including one that cracks down on the purchase of catalytic converters.

“It was long overdue,” said Sen. Kurt Fevella.

Fevella was one of a number of legislators that supported Act 88, SLH 2022.

“We did it for copper and other metals being stolen. As legislators, we took the best action as we could,” explained Fevella.

The law regulates the purchase of catalytic converters and the precious metals found in them. It not only requires dealers to get a written statement from the seller but also to keep detailed records and to notify police when they purchase catalytic converters. Dealers will also need to hold on to the converters for 60 days before re-selling them.

“People should question how come you come in with 27 catalytic converters, and you live down the street. And, you just recycling person in the community,” Fevella said. “That should be a big red flag right there.”

The law raises the penalty for catalytic converter theft and their illegal sales to a Class C felony.

Changes are also in store for those found guilty of driving under the influence that requires them to have an ignition lock breathalyzer in their car (Act 94).

“It streamlines the process; makes it harder to cheat,” Rhoads explained. “Because you don’t want there to be enough loopholes that people are driving drunk and get away with it.”

Campaign fundraising is another area that is in transition. Starting Jan. 1, elected officials are no longer allowed to hold fundraisers during the legislative session according to Act 283.

“For years, for decades, that’s been the practice,” Rhoads said. “In fact, usually people have most of their fund raising during the session cause that’s when everybody’s around.”

Rhoads said this is a step in the right direction regarding how things are done and for public perception. He said he plans to introduce more bills like this in the upcoming session.

There’s even a law relating to littering with balloons; it prohibits the intentional release of balloons filled with gas lighter than air.

According to Act 141, the balloons pose “a danger and nuisance to the environment, particularly to wildlife and marine animals. Many animals are attracted to the bright colors of balloons and mistake them for food, which can cause an animal severe injury or death. Animals are often found entangled in balloon strings and, as a result, are injured or strangled to death.”

And, drivers between the age of 72 and 79 will be able to extend their driver’s license renewal period from two to four years — barring any medical conditions or issues that would hinder their ability to drive (Act 159)

Here is a list of the other laws taking effect January 1, 2023:

Act 47, SLH 2022 (SB2162 CD1) – Relating to Ranked Choice Voting.

Act 49, SLH 2022 (SB2185 CD1) – Relating to Fireworks.

Act 56, SLH 2022 (HB1619 CD1) – Relating to Peer-to-Peer Car-Sharing Insurance Requirements.

Act 57, SLH 2022 (HB1681 SD1) – Relating to Transportation Network Companies.

Act 58, SLH 2022 (HB2111 CD1) – Relating to Insurance.

Act 62, SLH 2022 (HB2272 CD1) – Relating to Condominium Associations.

Act 69, SLH 2022 (SB2685 CD1) – Relating to Planned Community Associations.

Act 76, SLH 2022 (HB137 CD1) – Relating to Liquor.

Act 88, SLH 2022 (SB2279 CD1) – Relating to Catalytic Converters.

Act 94, SLH 2022 (SB3165 CD1) – Relating to Operating a Vehicle under the Influence of an Intoxicant.

Act 97, SLH 2022 (HB956 CD1) – Relating to Statewide Interoperable Public Safety Communications.

Act 141, SLH 2021 (HB1102 SD2) – Relating to Litter Control.

Act 159, SLH 2022 (SB2679 CD1) – Relating to Driver’s Licenses.

Act 161, SLH 2022 (SB3121 CD1) – Relating to Funding for Parking for Disabled Persons.

Act 165, SLH 2022 (HB1475 CD1) – Relating to Mandatory Ethics Training.

Act 169, SLH 2022 (HB2416 CD1) – Relating to Campaign Spending.

Act 217, SLH 2022 (HB1982 CD1) – Relating to Taxes.

Act 218, SLH 2022 (SB2378 CD1) – Relating to the Taxation Board of Review.

Act 283, SLH 2022 (SB555 HD1) – Relating to Campaign Fundraising.

Act 286, SLH 2022 (SB3085 CD1) – Relating to the Hawaiʻi Code of Military Justice.

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Act 298, SLH 2022 (HB1688 CD1) – Relating to Registration of Vehicles.

The new year is set to bring lots of new changes to how things operate throughout Hawaii.