HONOLULU (KHON2) — A call to all local artisans and cultural practitioners. Over three-quarters of a million dollars will be distributed to those who need assistance due to the COVID crisis.   

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E Ho’i Ke Aloha Initiative is meant to help alleviate some of the financial struggles of artisans and cultural practitioners brought up by the pandemic.  

The PA’I Foundation received $750,000 from the Intercultural Leadership Institute to assist a demographic with the least financial assistance. 

“Our Hawaiian culture is the number one marketing tool for the state of Hawai’i,” says Vicky Holt Takamine, Executive Director of PA’I Foundation. “And that’s why this is so important for me is because we use their artwork to promote Hawai’i, to promote tourism. Yet, we are the least ones being supported by any of the funders.”

Additional funds were raised by PA’I Foundation, giving them a total of $830,000 to distribute to Hawai’i artisans. 

“It’s just a small grant to them but we hope they can use it to buy gas, buy food, buy medicines or pay a little of their rent,” says Holt Takamine. “Just to carry them over for another week or so.”

From artists to crafters to cultural practitioners, even fishermen, the PA’I Foundation urges everyone to apply, even if you don’t know if you qualify.   

“Our artists have contributed so much to our community every single day,” says Holt Takamine. “They are playing music, they are dancing hula, they are teaching our keiki, they are doing artwork, and we take it for granted sometimes.”

To be clear, this is open to all Hawai’i artisans and practitioners. Even if you don’t know if you qualify, apply anyway.  

The deadline to do so is Oct. 9, so head over to the website www.paifoundation.org to apply.

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