HONOLULU (KHON2) — Over fifty thousand ballots were counted overnight and into this morning.

Those were the latest released in the third printout from the state elections office this afternoon.

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In total 50,343 ballots came in with 32,265 from Honolulu and 18,078 from the neighboring islands.

Many outstanding ballots that took time to count required additional examination by staff including checking signatures.

Honolulu Election Administrator, Rex Quidilla said, “So what happens is after we complete signature verification and bumping up the info against voter registration system, what we do is we run all the ballot envelopes again thru the scanner sorter and it’ll all sort the good from the bad.”

Quidilla continued, “The good stuff is forwarded to the state Office of Elections for opening and eventual counting and the rest of the stuff we follow up with the voters in the case there’s a mismatch of signatures or if they didn’t sign their ballot envelope. And also additional research should it become necessary. But the key point behind all of this is to make sure that all the pieces are accounted for and that we give every voter the opportunity to remedy those things that may be wrong.”

The new fifty thousand ballots counted today are nearly double 2020’s total of twenty-six thousand added overnight for the third printout.

Honolulu has just shy of 25 hundred ballots still to be counted.

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Though they said they should be processed soon.