HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hospitals, schools, government buildings, playgrounds and bars to name a few are being considered as sensitive places where concealed carry of a firearm may be prohibited on Hawaii Island.

“This is a bill that was recommended by our former chief as we’re working with Corp Counsel on the new rules and so it’s a matter of safety,” said Mitch Roth, Mayor of Hawaii County. “We think that there’s certain places that you really don’t want to have guns being brought in.”

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The proposal also states, anyone carrying a firearm while intoxicated will have their license revoked. The Hawaii County Council is set to hear the bill on Tuesday.

“There will be discussion probably, because some of those sensitive areas may be in some people’s minds, the places that might warrant people to carry, but I think that’s what that discussion really will be about next week,” said Holeka Inaba, Hawaii County Councilmember.

Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi is asking the City Council to consider a similar bill. That proposal includes a rule that private property owners can decide whether to allow firearms or not. The rule doesn’t require signage to be posted.

State lawmakers will also propose new rules during the legislative session.

“We will probably do a state bill, but leave open the possibility that they can have local restrictive rules that are local to that county if they want to expand on what we’ve done,” Sen. Karl Rhoads, (D) Nuuanu, Liliha, Chinatown.

Meanwhile, a public hearing is scheduled at the Honolulu Police Department on Tuesday regarding procedures to get a license to carry a firearm in public. Some of the topics will include testing, training and background checks.

So far, HPD has received 477 applications and no permits have been issued at this time.

Firearm advocates are concerned that any new requirements will push back the issuing of licenses.

“We kept getting told it’s coming soon, it’s coming soon, it’s coming soon,” said Andrew Roberts of the Hawaii Firearms Coalition.

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To submit early testimony for the HPD public hearing, click here.